Company Profile

XIRIA is a private family office. Our operations focus on the following four core activities:

Asset management:
Medium to long term investments into all financial asset classes globally. We utilize proprietary, in-house developed strategies with an active management style of the assets held. We only take direct investments into financial instruments and do not invest into managed funds, structured products or similar products.

Short to intermediate (days to weeks) trading on global developed markets in equities, FX, and futures contracts (agriculturals, energy, grains, interest rates, industrials, precious metals, stock indices).

Real Estate:
Investments into commercial real-estate in prime locations in Finland.

Business Development:
Active participation through both capital injections and board-level strategic management into established businesses seeking growth.

As we actively manage our own assets, we are not interested in discussions with wealth or asset managers, who are strongly discouraged from initiating contact. We do, however, welcome contact with providers of other services from sell-side financial institutions (brokers/prime brokers, fixed income traders, general banking service providers etc) as well as companies offering systems (software, hardware, equipment) related to trading, financial management or other areas related to our core business activities.