Prior to contacting us, please carefully read the instructions on this page and strictly adhere to these instructions.

1. Avoid initiating contact through telephone

Kindly respect our determination to avoid wasting time on any discussions of little importance or interest to us. All new parties contacting us are therefore strongly discouraged from calling us. Please use the general contact form at the bottom of this page to send us a brief and straight to the point message describing who you are, the reason you are contacting us and a brief description of what you are offering.

Failure to follow this simple request will most likely lead us to completely ignore you - even if your proposal might have been of interest. Therefore kindly follow this request and wait for us to contact you. Rest assured that if we do not find your proposal to have any interest, you would not have gained any further ground by calling us. Thank you for your understanding.

2. Invoices

Xiria takes great pride in our efficient process for managing accounts payable. To reduce time and costs involved in processing invoices and to ensure timely settlement of your invoice, kindly either send us an electronic invoice (preferred method). If you are unable to send eInvoices, kindly send the invoice to and only to the address listed below. Please be informed that we do not process or accept invoices send to our registered business address.

2.1. eInvoices

This is our preferred method of receiving invoices and we strongly encourage service providers and other invoicers to send us eInvoices in the Finvoice format jointly developed by banks. All other things being equal, the ability to send eInvoices will also affect our selection of service and other providers.

eInvoice address: FI6280001500513115
Operator: Sampo Pankki
Format: Finvoice

2.2. Paper invoices

Please be aware that we do not process or accept paper invoices sent to our registered business address. Only paper invoices sent to the address below will be processed. Please note that no other correspondence than invoices will be processed in this address.

Xiria Oy
Ostolaskut 6614D
PL 72
00521 Helsinki

2.3. VAT number

Xiria's VAT number if FI06409886. The number starts with letters "F" and "I" as in Finland.

3. Registered business address

General correspondence by post can be sent to our registered business address. Invoices are not to be sent to our registered business address, as they will not be processed - refer to instructions on section (2) above. Please be aware that personal visits to our office are by appointment only.

Head quarters:

Xiria Oy
Kirkkokatu 8 E 38

4. Email, telephone, telefax

Our email addresses are of the form firstname.lastname(at) and our telephone and telefax numbers are listed below. We respectfully remind of what is said about initial contacts in section (1) above and request the use of the general contact form below for initial contacts.

Telephone: +358 20 781 5330
Telefax: +358 20 781 5339

We strongly recommend using PGP encryption when sending confidential information over email. Our PGP Public Keys are available through this link.

5. General contact form 

Contact details

Email address
Message (please be brief and straight to the point)

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